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property adsTen more tips on writing a great rental ad. If you missed our first ten tips, here they are.

1. Prioritise info
Start your ad copy with the most important facts. Some portals only show the first few hundred characters of your description initially, so make sure you start with the things that really matter. Information about the property is more important than information about the local area.

2. Think about readability
Bullet points, lists and short paragraphs are all easier to read on the net than long paragraphs with no breaks. Make sure your ad can be easily scanned for salient points.

3. Floor plans increase enquiries
Portals tell us that floor plans increase enquiries by a massive 40%. Consider getting one drawn up for your properties (you'll be able to use it again next time you advertise).

4. Two pics are better than one
Including two photos increases enquiries by 60% over adverts with just one photo. Consider adding one picture for each room in the property: lots of pictures make the place seem larger! Upad's ads let you include up to twenty photos, so you have plenty of scope for creativity.

5. Photo order matters
Normally the first photo you add will be the thumbnail next to your ad in search results. Make sure this is the one you want to show. Lots of landlords start with an external shot of the building, but this is the least important view for tenants. Consider leading off with kitchen or living room, or the garden if there is one and it looks attractive.

6. Don't duplicate the same photo for different properties
If you're advertising several properties in the same building, change the lead photo. Having a bunch of listings in search results all with the same photo is off-putting for tenants. You know and we know that it's because you just finished a renovation, but for them, it looks like no one wants to live in that building!

7. An external photo is not enough
A huge percentage of the ads we see only have one shot, of the outside of the building. This is not enough. It might be easier to take the picture outside in daylight, but tenants are not living outside your building: they want to see the inside, which is what they'll be renting. Worse still, some landlords just show a picture of the area (Brighton landlords seem particularly fond of shots of the beach). While often pretty, these don't help attract any tenants to your property!

8. Label long- and short-term lets
If you only want a three month tenancy, or conversely are looking for someone to stay long-term, highlight this. Not only does it attract the tenant you're looking for, it helps stop wasted phone calls from people who want something different.

9. Be careful with the deposit
It's crucial to be clear about pricing, but be careful when mentioning the deposit in the description that it doesn't read as an extra charge: most tenants will be expecting to pay a deposit anyway. Upad's easy listing form lets you specify the deposit particularly, so it doesn't need to go into your description.

10. Don't duplicate your headline

If you have several similar properties in one building, it's tempting to duplicate the headline/title, or even the entire ad. Resist this temptation! It stops you highlighting the unique features of each one, and looks to tenants like you're just spamming the listings. It's worth spending a few minutes saying something different and taking photographs of each property, in order to have ads that accurately represent what you want to sell.

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By Sue
19 Mar 2010

Categories: Property Rentals



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