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The UK is full of stunning properties. Even within the best properties, some are more luxurious than others and while we might not all be able to afford to rent a mega-mansion, we must admit that these rentals look stunning!

Here are the top 5 rental properties in the UK to dream about owning – or renting!

Edwardian Mansion in Tyringham

The English countryside offers quaint scenery and stunning country homes to rent. Orchard House is one of them. While the Edwardian house can be rented throughout the year as a special occasion home, it deserves a spot on the list.

The house costs £4,750 per week and you’ll get to enjoy the spacious interiors and seven acres of outdoor gardens. The property has a heated pool, five bedrooms, billiard room, gym and, of course, an archery court for honing your skills. Who doesn’t love a bit of archery every now and then?!

Nomadic Cottage in Watergate Bay

Another rental property for special occasions is the Sundance cottage in Watergate Bay. This bohemian luxury cottage is for the nomadic soul. It’s a rustic cottage with modern amenities, and you’d immediately want to move in and settle for the year. The property can be rented for £650 per week.

It has a single king-size bedroom, en-suite bathroom and a glass-covered front deck. Inside you’ll find a TV and a well-equipped kitchen to prepare your dinner. It’s relaxation at its finest.

Family Home in Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is a unique location in London, offering your family the privacy and quietness of a gated community. The area had a beautiful family home to rent with a price tag of £9,000 a week.

With this, you were able to enjoy seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two entertainment rooms and a luxurious swimming pool. The family home also had a lovely garden to enjoy a BBQ and forget you’re living in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Harry Kane’s Mansion in North London

You’d think Harry Kane could afford to buy a home but it looks like the England captain prefers renting for now. His seven-bedroom mansion had a rent of £15,000 a week but he did get to enjoy a private cinema, spa, pool, gym and sauna.

Just the things you need to prepare for a big game!

Rosy-Stone Regency House in Jedburgh

Crailing House near Jedburgh is a luxurious rental with a live-in housekeeper. This holiday house is a dream come true for those who appreciate the British countryside. It costs £2,300 a week to rent but surely it’s worth it when you have someone there to look after you?

The beautiful rental property has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and plenty of other nooks and crannies to explore. The dining room is a beautiful place for a supper and you can imagine staying here forever.

What amazing rental properties have you seen either in the news or being advertised in 2018? Get in touch in the comments section below and let us know!

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By Sandra Mpouma
07 Nov 2018

Categories: Property Rentals



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