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For many landlords, the thought of conducting viewings personally can be a little daunting. If you’re new to being a landlord, or perhaps just not comfortable meeting new people, you should consider the benefits of conducting your own viewings.

Why should landlords conduct their own viewings?

  • Tenants can get answers from you that perhaps a letting agent or property manager may not know the answer to; it avoids a game of Chinese whispers
  • They can negotiate directly with you on rent, deposit and other conditions
  • They meet the person they’re paying the rent to which may mean they’re less likely to default on rent later (landlords who used Upad experienced 45% less rent arrears compared to the UK average based on BDRC research)
  • They start a professional relationship with you from the get go
  • Potentially lower tenancy fees compared to a high street agency
  • According to a research from Mortgage Solutions, who the landlord is matters more to tenants than the location of the property
  • Upad landlords have given us some top tips on how to prepare and carry out a tenant viewing: READ THE ARTICLE.

You can also watch our FREE Landlord Webinar with James Davis, Upad CEO and Founder, on how to conduct a successful viewingWATCH NOW


What do tenants look for when viewing a property?

We recently conducted a survey of over 400 tenants, asking their property viewing preferences and what they expected when they moved in. We found that 36% of tenants did not meet their landlord at last viewing, which contrasted heavily with the 86% that said they wanted to meet their landlord before moving in. And almost 65% said they would prefer that the landlord managed the property personally, rather than a managing agent.

When we asked our surveyed tenants what changes they wanted to see in the way they rent, we received a range of answers but the prevailing one was for lower fees charged to tenants. 

new tnt 1.png

Upad Tenant Survey 2017

Others wanted reasonable rent prices, good communication between tenants and landlords and those with pets said they’d like landlords to be more accommodating. Some tenants commented that they wanted the service provided by managing agents to improve.

We also asked what tenants expected their rental property to have when they moved in. 

New tnt 2.png

Upad Tenant Survey 2017

The majority said they expected at least white goods to be provided, such as a fridge, freezer and washing machine. There was a fairly even split of tenants wanting either furnished or unfurnished, but many wanted main furniture items such as a bed and a wardrobe. Interestingly, there were many responses from tenants who expected Wifi to be provided.

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If you need help managing your property, you can call our ARLA-certified landlord team on 0333 240 1220.

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By Lucie Geller
23 Feb 2017

Categories: Finding Tenants, Property Management



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