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Being a self-managing landlord is exciting and definitely more beneficial than spending money on an expensive letting agent, but it can sometimes seem daunting. There are a lot of things you have to know about and many things to sort out.

At Upad, we want to make your journey as a landlord a little bit easier with our Landlord Club.

Find out more about the Upad Landlord Club

Joining our Landlord Club is straightforward and cost-effective. The annual cost is just £149 and it brings you a range of benefits that’ll help you be a better, more effective, and hopefully a more profitable, landlord.

Here are nine benefits you can enjoy by joining the Upad Landlord Club. 

1. Help Managing Rent Payments


Ensuring they receive tenants’ rent payments on time is one of the biggest issues landlords deal with. Knowing you’re being paid on time, and subsequently can pay your own buy-to-let mortgage, can give you a lot of peace of mind.

Upad Landlord Club members can access our Upad Rent Manager product at no additional cost. By choosing this product, Upad will set up Direct Debit payments with your tenant, guaranteeing you will get paid on time and in full every month.

If your tenants fail to make the payment, Upad will automatically notify you, which ensures you tackle the issue with your tenant right away, although if your tenant doesn’t have the cash in the bank the system will try to take the direct debit again over the following days.

This will help to ensure your tenants don’t run into rent arrears and cause you to have financial difficulties of your own. Having the automated system to report you when the payments are made, or not, or if the tenant cancels the direct debit instruction, will leave you with one less thing to worry about. 

2. Helpline for Tax Support

When you become a full member of the Landlord Club, you get access to our tax helpline. Taxation can be tricky at the best of times and there have been many changes recently that are creating big changes to how buy-to-let works.


In a CML survey, 36% of buy-to-let landlords cite tax issues as a key factor in deciding what they plan to do in the future. Knowing how to reduce your tax bill and to avoid big charges is important, as it can have an impact on how landlords operate. Having a helpline to call can help you understand your specific tax situation and find ways you can manage this aspect smoothly. It makes preparing for the future easier and could help your buy-to-let business continue to thrive while many other landlords consider selling off their portfolio. 

3. Helpline for Legal Support

Landlords might occasionally find themselves faced with legal dilemmas. Being a landlord involves dealing with all sorts of legal issues, from ensuring the property is liveable to managing deposit registration in accordance with the law. By understanding your legal responsibilities, you can avoid costly legal battles and also ensure that you’re able to serve a Section 21 notice when you need to, for example.

Upad Landlord Club members can access a free helpline, which provides support and help when you’re faced with legal issues. This is part of the membership fee and it could mean you save a lot of money – consultation with solicitors can otherwise cost anything from a few hundred pounds upwards, depending on what your specific issue is.

You also don’t want to wait to get help, as you might end up in a worse situation if you don’t deal with legal issues as soon as they crop up. 

4. Universal Credit Helpline


Universal credit is barely off the news agenda for long these days.

Depending on your circumstances as a landlord, you may have tenants that are in receipt of universal credit. Our universal credit helpline will not only help you to deal with tenancies when tenants are in receipt of universal credit, but can also help you to help your tenants and to enable you to nurture a positive relationship with them. 

5. John Charcol Mortgage Helpline

Sorting out your mortgage is a big part of getting your buy-to-let finances in order. In order to make a return on your property investment, you should compare mortgages regularly to ensure you are getting the best deal. Our members are able to receive free help with the popular mortgage broker John Charcol.

This can save you a lot of money – hiring an independent broker typically costs around £500. 

6. Rightmove Premium Listings

With the number of tenants searching online for their next home continuing to increase, as a landlord it is hugely important that your property advert stands out when listed on the UK’s property portals.


Rightmove is by far the UK’s most popular property portal where tenants are looking for their new home. While our Landlord Hub and Blog highlights how to use professional property photography and tips for writing a great property description and advert, Upad Landlord Club members get a free Rightmove Premium Listing, worth £90, each time they list a property for rent.

This will grow your property’s exposure and help you find a tenant quicker. 

7. Access to Premium Landlord Guides & Webinars

As a landlord, having a sound understanding and knowledge of a range of topics is key to being a success. You need to know about taxation and legal aspects of being a landlord, as well as know about more practical and hands on things like finding tenants. Upad Landlord Club members get access to our premium guides, which provide a wealth of information on these topics and more.

You can read tips and guides on taxation, finding tenants and managing your property. The information is professionally presented and easy to understand, helping you on your journey as a landlord.


Upad’s website also has a range of webinars you can watch freely. These cover topics ranging from deposits to Universal Credit. These are another additional help when you are dealing with different issues relating to all the aspects of being a landlord.

Upad Landlord Club members get access to additional, exclusive webinars that go into further detail on the topics that matter to landlords. 

8. Discount on GoSimpleTax Services

Dealing with tax matters can be daunting even if you let your accountant do most of it. If you don’t use an accountant or take care of most of your tax affairs yourself, filing your annual tax return can take quite a bit of time and there are always lots of different things to keep in mind, especially if you have a larger portfolio and have bought and sold properties within the tax year.

In addition to our tax helpline, you can also enjoy 25% off on the online tax software GoSimpleTax. It’s a low-cost solution to filing your annual tax return and makes the whole process easier. 

9. Discount on NLA Membership

Upad Landlord Club members also receive a 15% discount on an annual membership with the National Landlords Association. Being a member of the NLA could provide you with additional benefits like: 

  • Free access to an advice telephone line.
  • Local, regional and national landlord meetings.
  • Marketing support materials to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Discounts on many services such as tenant checks and rent guarantee insurance.

Upad Landlord Club Membership is Great Value!

The above nine benefits will provide you with a wealth of information that’ll make it easier to manage your properties and tenants. The Upad Landlord Club costs just £149 a year, which is great value for money. Paying for many of these services independently would cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds more.

Whether you are a new or an experienced landlord, these benefits will help you on your journey!

Find out more about the Upad Landlord Club

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By Sandra Mpouma
28 Jan 2019

Categories: Upad



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