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Portals tell us that 8 out of 11 "mystery shopper" enquiries to lettings adverts do not get responded to. That seems like a lot of lost business to us. Follow our top tips to make sure you keep on top of enquiries about your property.

1. Be first
The average tenant will see between three and six properties before they find what they're looking for. You need to be one of those first three if you're going to grab this tenant!

2. Be quick
Response time is therefore crucial: if you leave it a day before responding to your email, or only pick up voicemails in the evenings, they may have moved on to another landlord.

3. Be competitive
Remember, you're competing with professional lettings agents who can respond in a matter of minutes: make sure you can do the same. Be available at popular times - don't book a lunchtime meeting, or go to the pub in the early evening and turn off your phone the day after you advertise a new property for rent.

4. Be direct
Phoning is better than email: it's quicker and gets any questions dealt with immediately.

5. Be sensitive
Many people won't answer a mobile call from someone they don't recognise, so consider sending a text before you phone.

6. Be prepared
Have details available. Tenants will often make basic enquiries on the phone - what council tax band you're in or the availability of broadband in the area - before deciding if it's worth viewing or not. If you can respond to these questions immediately, you have more of a chance of letting the property quickly and also you'll avoid wasted viewings with people who turn out not to be interested.

How do you handle tenant enquiries? Do you have a top tip or two to share? Leave us a comment.

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By Sue
22 Mar 2010

Categories: Property Rentals



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