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fruitbowlA crucial aspect of keeping your existing tenants happy in your property, and thus less likely to move on, is making them feel valued as tenants.

I just heard from a friend who's moved into a new rental flat of a lovely idea from her landlord: he left a "welcome basket" on the coffee table, filled with all the things you need but can never find when you move house. There was a small jar of coffee, a box of tea bags, a packet of biscuits, fruit, loo roll, washing up liquid, and menus for three or four local restaurants. He'd also left a pint of milk in the fridge which put the finishing touch on the gift: after moving all her stuff, she was able to sit down and have a cup of tea without a last minute dash to the shops. It can't have cost him more than a couple of quid, but she's really touched and her tenancy is off to a great start!

Image credit: Lusi on stock.xchng.

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By Sue
09 Dec 2009

Categories: Property Advertising



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