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If you're looking to take on tenants for the long term, building a positive relationship is a must. Whether you're letting out a portfolio of properties or considering renting out your first, the way you deal with tenants will have a direct and dramatic impact on how long you're able to keep them and preserve your reputation as a landlord. In today' post, we'll be taking a look at how you can build a healthy, long-term relationship with tenants - giving you all the insight you need to house happy occupants.

Make a positive first impression

From the outset, it’s important you begin to build a positive relationship - and making a great first impression can make the difference between an uncomfortable tenant and a settled one. This means providing all of the information tenants will need upfront, offering them your contact details (should any issues arise) and showing them around the property. Be punctual, polite and presentable and you’ll have the best chance of winning them over from the get-go.

Go above and beyond

Making sure your tenants are happy rather than merely satisfied can make a world of difference when it comes to mutual trust. Going the extra mile for tenants comes with some big benefits, and can be as simple as wishing them a happy birthday or offering a helping hand when they’re moving in. Added extras - such as surprising them with a bottle of champagne or an assorted range of Nespresso pods as a welcome gift - can help to lay the foundations for a positive relationship in the long run. So, whether you're treating them to a little something when they arrive or suggesting local sights to visit if they’re new to the area, go above and beyond with the little things to keep your tenants happy.

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Offer clear communication

If your communications aren’t crystal clear from the start, you’ll likely run into issues later in the tenancy. Communication is a cornerstone of trust - and without trust, relationships between you and your tenants can become troubled. From discussing tenancy terms to providing advanced warning ahead of visits, it’s important you remain transparent whenever you’re in contact with a tenant.

Take issues seriously

If you’re informed about a potential issue with your property, it’s crucial for you to respond quickly. For many landlords, tenants will rarely be in touch - so when they are, you should certainly listen. Whether it’s a boiler on the blink or a pest infestation, providing the solution to their problem will create a sense of trust between them and you - meaning that, when other issues crop up, they’ll be less likely to bury them under the rug, too.

Respect their privacy

Tenants want to feel at home in a property, so respecting their privacy can go a long way towards making them feel comfortable. Intrusions such as showing up unannounced or calling them out of hours for non-urgent issues will only damage your relationship and make them feel unwelcome. From providing 24 hours’ notice ahead of an inspection or keeping non-urgent matters to emails, respect your tenants’ privacy and they’ll respect your requests in return.

Keep it professional

As a landlord, tenants are your customers. While you should be friendly and approachable, you shouldn’t overstep boundaries, as this can lead to difficulties later on. Whether it’s property problems or late rent collection, communication needs to be clear and unobstructed. When the nature of your relationship evolves from a purely professional one to that of friendship, communication can become increasingly complicated as there are more emotions involved - so make life easier for yourself by keeping your landlord-tenant relationships completely professional.

From the day tenants move in until the day they leave, the length of a tenancy is influenced by a range of factors - some of which are simply out of your control. Whether it’s your first time renting out a property or you’ve got a number of lettings on the go, by being open, honest, respectful and amiable, you can ensure your tenancies aren’t cut short due to unhappy occupants.

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By Sandra Mpouma
25 Sep 2017

Categories: Property Management



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