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Yes! Upad’s ARLA Propertymark-qualified landlord team uses Rightmove Plus to help our landlords better understand their local rental market. This can make it easier for Upad landlords to find a tenant, because they’ll be pitching their rental at a competitive rate for their area.

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What is Rightmove Plus?

Rightmove Plus is a tool that is only available to estate agents, letting agents, and other property professionals and specialists.

The tool provides additional data to users beyond what any member of the public could find by browsing the Rightmove website.

It is actually primarily a tool to help estate agents and letting agents see how their customers’ property adverts are performing, and to compare with the competition.

Rightmove Plus allows agents to view things such as how long a house has been on the market, how many times an advert has been viewed and clicked by a Rightmove visitor, and how the advert is performing overtime compared to other properties within the same local market. The below image provides an example of the type of information agents can see, and how it is presented in Rightmove Plus.


How Does This Help Upad to Help Landlords?

By accessing this type of information, Upad can help landlords in a multitude of ways.

  • If a property is not letting or getting a lot of tenant enquiries from the advert, we can look at the quality of the property advert or speak with the landlord about lowering the rental price, if we believe this may be a factor.
  • Likewise, if a property is listed for let in a competitive area we might ask the landlord about lowering their price, although we appreciate landlords need to maintain a rental yield and their buy-to-let mortgage may dictate a certain rental level is required!

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  • Where an advert is getting lots of impressions on Rightmove (how many times a visitor sees it in their search result), but few clicks, we’ll look at what the landlord can do to improve how their property appears on Rightmove. This might mean a Featured or Premium listing, but we might also suggest professional property photography if we think your property photos are what might be putting people off clicking on your ad.

Is Rightmove Plus a Plus for Landlords?

If your letting agent uses Rightmove Plus to keep on top of their rental portfolio and specifically your rentals, they should have all the tools available to help your buy-to-let business be a success. While as a buy-to-let investor and landlord you should ensure you spend your own time making sure you’re buying a property in an area that is likely to be profitable (we know that if you’re an accidental landlord this isn’t always possible!), speaking to your letting agent about how they harness Rightmove Plus for your benefit could make a big difference to your rental yield and overall success.

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