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When it comes to renting out your home, first impressions are key. For potential tenants, a photograph of your property is usually the first glimpse they get into what’s on offer - and if the image disappoints, they’re unlikely to even arrange a viewing. But with a few handy hints, you could be letting your property sooner than you think.

Renting out your house can be a stressful process, but getting your photographs right first time gives you a greater chance of finding a suitable tenant as quickly as possible. In today’s post, we’ve gathered together all the info you’ll need to take stunning photographs in your home and broken them down into quick and easy tips to make letting out your home a relative breeze.



Clean up - This may seem obvious, but a cluttered or untidy home will distract the viewer from what the property can offer. Having a quick clean-up prior to taking your pictures will allow you to look at the room from a renter’s point of view, rather than as your home.

Arrange the room - Once the room you’re shooting is in order, use the opportunity to rearrange any furniture you think could benefit from being moved around. The way you organise your furniture may not be the most appealing or appropriate for a property image - so experiment with different arrangements until you find the ideal setup.

Use a tripod - While handheld cameras are great, if you’re looking for more professional looking images, a tripod will give you the opportunity to steady the camera and eliminate the chance of a blurry outcome. Using a tripod also allows for a longer exposure and can help you avoid under or overexposing your image.


Get technical

Lighting - Lighting is key to any image and, as summer gets into full swing, you can utilise natural light to capture the perfect picture of your home. While natural daylight is always the best option, switching on all of the lights in a room creates an ambient, more appealing atmosphere.

Shoot low - Shooting from the same angle can become repetitive and result in many of your images looking the same. Taking a photograph below eye level can give the appearance of a larger space and will result in a more professional looking image.

Angles - Shoot a room from every angle. You might find that an alternative perspective provides a view you hadn’t previously considered. Utilise doorways, furniture and windows as ways to frame your image - and try looking through home and lifestyle magazines if you’re in need of inspiration.

Vignette shots - Vignetting enables you to reduce the brightness or saturation around the edge of your photo. This is something to consider if you’re trying to attract the eye to a specific area of the image without taking a close-up shot.


Finish up

Keep on clicking - This is your last chance to create the ideal composition and impress potential tenants, so don’t rush it. When you think you’ve finished, keep on clicking. The more photographs you take, the greater range of images you will ultimately have to work with.

Advertising - Now you’ve got a wide selection of photographs of your house, you need to consider how you’ll advertise the property. From publishing your photos online to creating a professional portfolio to advertising in a relevant publication, it’s essential that you choose the best platform to give your images sufficient exposure and maximum impact. If you decide to advertise in magazines or newspapers, explore your professional photo printing options before you agree to anything. The experts will be able to help you produce the best quality images to create a great first impression and find the perfect tenant.

Now you’re armed with everything you need to know to help you showcase your property at its very best, it’s time to get experimenting and, even more importantly, get excited about renting out your home.

Sam Wright is a photography blogger for Digitalab - providing a range of professional photo printing options to amateur and professional photographers throughout the UK.

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