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Whether you're an experienced landlord with a portfolio spanning hundreds properties or a first time landlord one thing you mustn't lose sight of is the importance of having your property professionally cleaned at the start of the tenancy. This type of cleaning is known as end of tenancy cleaning.

In this article Roberto Garritano, Founder of Twinkle Clean explains the importance of end of tenancy cleaning.

What is it?

End of tenancy cleaning refers to the specialist deep cleaning of your rented flat or house before the new tenants move in. It’s also called move out cleaning, tenancy cleaning and just deep cleaning.

Do I Need to Include it in my Tenancy Agreement?

Deposit protection scheme has cited general or professional cleaning as one of the leading reasons for deposit dispute between landlords and tenants. It’s therefore advisable that you include a clause in your tenancy agreement about cleaning if you already don’t.

Be specific e.g It is hereby agreed and understood between both parties that the tenants shall arrange and pay for the Property to be professionally cleaned at the end of the Tenancy and provide proof of the works that have been carried out. If the tenants do not have the Property professionally cleaned at the end of the Tenancy or they do not provide receipts for proof of the works, the cost for the professional clean will be deducted from the Tenants deposit.

Some tenancy agreements we’ve come across just state that the property has to be returned to its original condition. That’s ok if the previous tenant had the property professionally cleaned upon leaving but what if they didn’t and the previous state is one that is far from clean.

What’s Normally Included?

Just getting a cleaning company to carry out a clean won’t cut it.

It needs to be a professional deep clean that adheres to the inventory clerks strict cleaning checklists. Even if you haven’t got an inventory check in the landlord or agent may have their own cleaning lists.

To give you an idea we use a 300 point cleaning checklist for our end of tenancy cleaning service and we have worked with landlords and inventory clerks to fine tune the list and make sure it covers everything.

For the kitchen and bathroom it should cover:

- Kitchen:
Work surfaces
Kitchen cupboards
- Bathroom:
Remove limescale from taps, tiles and showerhead
Polish all taps
Clean toilet bowl

How Much Does it Cost?

Really varies depending on the size of the property and if you need carpets cleaning. Lots of companies offer cheap cleaning and you may end up paying more in the long run if it’s not done right first time around. Expect to pay in the region of £165-185 for a 2 bed property with no carpets.

Advice for Tenants

We’ve made it easy to explain to your tenants how this all works and we suggest that you show your tenants our infographic on end of tenancy cleaning. It’s free to share and is a great mini guide to give to your tenants on how to go about getting professional cleaning carried out.

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By Sandra Mpouma
13 Mar 2015

Categories: Buy to Let, Property Rentals



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