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In this video, Upad founder and CEO James Davis talks to Ben Harris, Sales Director at Zero Deposit, about the differences in the tenancy dispute process with a Zero Deposit guarantee in comparison to when a traditional tenancy deposit is taken.

How Does the Zero Deposit Dispute Process Differ from Government Backed Schemes?

  • Zero Deposit partner with TDS, so all deposit claims are handled in exactly the same way as government backed schemes.
  • Disputes are generally settled quicker than a traditional scheme.

What is a Zero Deposit Guarantee?

Zero Deposits offers tenants the option to pay one weeks rent upfront, as opposed to tying up six weeks' rent - five weeks following the introduction of the tenant fees ban - as they would with government backed schemes.

What Impact Does Zero Deposit Have on Property Advertising?

Properties that offer Zero Deposit receive up to 26% more tenant enquiries, which means less void periods and faster let times.

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By Sandra Mpouma
20 Mar 2019

Categories: Deposits, fee ban



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