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Upad are always looking for ways to help landlords and tenants understand each other better. We are grateful for all the help we receive with our surveys and for the insight it gives us.

These are the results from our most recent tenant survey to find out how tenants are searching online for their next rental in 2018

The number one turn off factor for tenants when searching on Rightmove and Zoopla

When we asked tenants what a number one  ‘turn off factor’ would be when searching on Rightmove, an unsurprising 41% said poor quality property photos.

Another 20% stated that tenant fees would put them off, whilst 10% said no pets allowed at a property. We also asked respondents what they thought of ‘Just Added’ adverts- with 85% saying it would make them think the property was new to the market and 22% believing they were the first to see it and should enquire right away. We always advise creating the best advert possible before it goes live, to make full use of being in ‘Just Added’ properties.

Is it worth reducing the rent on Rightmove?

We have been eager to delve into a common landlord theory that reducing rent on a property is bad for business due to Rightmove displaying ‘reduced rent’. We asked tenants what they thought and 59% would simply think the property had been on the market quite some time, whilst 28% would see it as a great opportunity and want to know more. We allowed respondents to pick multiple answers on this question, which led to 34% also believing there may be something wrong with the property. This shows that whilst it’s important to try and get the price right from the very start, it also doesn’t hurt to reduce the rent a little if needs must.

What should a property description include on Rightmove?

As in previous surveys, tenants said they wanted to read and see as much as possible about a property before enquiring. Details mentioned included quality photos, floor plans, monthly bills and tenant fees, with 43% of those surveyed saying an ideal description length was around 250 words. We also found that 37% of tenants searched 7+ pages, so perhaps we should be less concerned with a property staying on the market a little longer.

What is the best time to arrange viewings with tenants?

When arranging viewings, 2/3 of tenants wanted the landlord to get back to them the very same day. Many high street agents only opening during office hours, which gives the advantage of a quick response from self-managed landlords using a 24/7 enquiry management system like ours. 80% of respondents said that Saturday was the best time for them to view a property, and 76% sated Monday to Thursday were best for evening viewings. Between 3 and 5 viewings were cited by 41% as being the right number to find their perfect home.

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Some interesting results that help give us more insight into the lettings industry, ensuring fair and reasonable tenancies. For more helpful information, register with Upad today.

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