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iStock_000009554596XSmallI was talking to one of our newest landlords last week; he'd just got his first buy-to-let property and he was excited to get it listed with us - but there was one problem. "Well," he told me, "I don't know how to write in estate agent lingo." I'm sure he's not the only landlord who's had that thought, but actually, he didn't need to worry.

The Importance of a Great Property Advert

If you want to get your property let quickly, writing a good advert is essential when advertising a property for rent. But while sounding professional is important, that doesn't mean you have to write in jargon or a bunch of obscure abbreviations. A clear and complete description of just what you're offering is all you need.

Location, Location, Location!

This is probably the most important criterion, but you'd be amazed how many people get it, well, inaccurate. Don't say "central London" if you mean Camden, or Barnet. Don't say Brighton if you mean Hove. Don't say Manchester if you mean Salford - because you're not only putting off the people who want to live in Manchester, but anyone who wanted a Salford property would be ignoring your ad too. Pitching your property as being in a more desirable location than it really is doesn't help anyone.

Is Your Property Furnished or Unfurnished?

Because different people's interpretations of just what "furnished" means can differ so wildly, it can be worth being more specific here. If kitchen white goods are provided, say so: "unfurnished; has washer/dryer, fridge, microwave" is better information than just "unfurnished", or even "part-furnished".

The Style of Your Property

Here's your chance to be a little bit creative. You don't need to go over the top - a couple of words can be enough, particularly when you've included some great photos with your ad. "Light, airy, modern", "traditional classic style", instantly conjure up an image of what your property might be like. And if it's tiny, you can always call it "cosy". ;-)

Describe the Indoor Space

Now we get to the meat of your ad: what exactly are you offering? Mention the number of bedrooms and their size, but also reception rooms, kitchen and so on. If it's newly decorated, or recently re-carpeted, then say so.

Describe the Outdoor Space

If your property has a garden, say so! Likewise if you have an ultra-desirable garage. Even if it's a tiny terrace just big enough for a chair or two, mention it: you'll attract more interest that way.

Does Your Property Have Its Own Entrance?

If your property has its own entrance, it's worth mentioning that specifically. Shared hallways can be a source of friction, and the thought that they won't have to deal with other people's cooking smells, junk mail and visitors can be an attractive one for your tenants.

Talk About Nearby Transport Links

Mention the Tube lines, train station or bus routes closest to your property (with distance) and you'll help your prospective tenants visualise living there. You'll also make it more likely they'll turn up to view in the first place.

Any Other Property Amenities

Do you offer broadband, a power shower, off-street parking, a concierge, an alarm system, a cleaner? Say so! Again, every extra feature you can offer should help to pull in potential tenants.

The Legal Stuff

Saying "deposit and references required" might seem so obvious you wouldn't need to say it, but it does demonstrate you mean business and you're taking a professional attitude to your letting. If that puts anyone off, it's someone you wanted to put off! It can also be worth mentioning the length of tenancy you're offering, particularly if it's not the standard six months. You also need to mention the rent of course - it's worth giving the figure as both weekly and monthly, because we've all come across the tenant who thinks that a month's rent should be four times the weekly figure.

Listing Through Upad Makes it Easy

When you've registered as a landlord, there's just one simple form to fill out to list your property on more than 100 different letting websites. And we've got LOTS of tick-boxes for you to highlight your property's unique features, so you won't have to do too much writing. Try Upad the UK's largest online letting agent.

For more tips and news on marketing your property and avoiding the voids, follow us on Twitter @avoidthevoids

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By Sue
07 Dec 2009

Categories: Property Advertising



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