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There have been some big changes here at Upad, and understandably there are plenty of questions about what these changes mean for you, our landlords.

Day-to-day, there will be no changes to the Upad you know and love. All of the technology and features you have come to expect will all still be in place, only to be backed up further by the round-the-clock teams at Howsy.

All of the great features you look for when finding a new tenant are still available, with the option to seamless move onto a Howsy management plan if you are looking for a more end-to-end solution.

Despite the good news, there are understandably still plenty of questions from landlords and tenants about how the changes affect them and if anything that has happened over the past few months will have had an impact on their lettings lives. The team here are more than happy to talk through any queries or concerns you have (give us a call today on 0330 808 5121) or check out our FAQs:

What has happened to existing advertising credits?

If you had already purchased a Multiple Advertising Pack with Upad, don’t worry! The pre-paid credits are still exactly where you left them, safe in your Upad account, and can be redeemed against the same Upad products that you purchased them for. Nothing has changed in the systems that you are used to, and you Upad team will be on hand to help you use the credits you have in your account to help make sure your property is up online in a snap.  

What happens to the service I purchased just before Upad closed?

Unfortunately, it does seem that a few customers had funds taken just before the administration period came into effect. This is not acceptable to Upad or Howsy, and we’re working as quickly as we can to rectify the issue.

However, rest assured that all funds that were taken during this period were moved into a separate account, and are available to be returned to you, or if you prefer made available to be redeemed against the exactly the same services as were originally purchased.

Now that the newly relaunched Upad is up and running fully again, we can confidently deliver the services that you expected when you originally purchased the products in good faith back in October.

We are working as quickly as we can to ensure that anyone left out of pocket following theUpad changes will be contacted directly by the Liquidators dealing with the process, who will be able to advise on the next steps.

If you have any questions in the meantime though, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on 0330 808 5121, and we will be more than happy to assist in investigating your individual case.

What has happened to my existing deposit that was protected with Upad?

You will be pleased to know that your deposit is safe and sound. Upad has always made sure that deposit protection is carefully managed, and this was top of the list during the changeover period.

Upad deposits have always been held in a TDS Insured scheme, meaning that the deposit taken from your tenant was held in a secure ring-fenced account, compliant with all industry regulations. In order for the deposit to be returned, the landlord or tenant had to make an application to Upad to return the funds.

When the liquidation process started last year, the procedure had to change slightly. Deposits were all moved into a TDS Custodial scheme (on Sunday, 13th October), which means the funds were held in an account not managed by Upad, but instead by the TDS. This change had to be made as Upad accounts were to be frozen as part of the liquidation process, so to make sure funds were still available, they had to be moved.

You may remember an email from the TDS notifying you of this change (Monday 14th October 2019), and inviting you to open your own TDS custodial account. This would allow you full management of the deposit funds. Whether you chose to register or not, you and your tenants can still apply directly to the TDS Custodial for repayment of the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

How do I renew my tenancy that was set up through Upad?

Renewing your tenancy is no problem. We think it’s great when a tenant makes a house their home and wants to stay long term!

If you set up your original tenancy with us through our Tenancy Sign Up service, it is easy-peasy to renew for a new term. Give our team a call on 0330 808 5121 and we can talk you through exactly which elements you need to make sure your renewal is legally sound for both you and your tenant. Once you have your bespoke package in place, you can manage all you need within your account.

Are you still able to help me during my tenancy?

Of course!

Even though Upad has been relaunched, the elements that made it popular with thousands of landlords still remain key to the brand.

We are still staffed by an ARLA qualified team, who are always available to answers any questions or queries that you have about your tenancy. What’s more, now that Upad has joined the Howsy family, we have the added support of their team, so there’ll always be someone available to help!

You can meet some of our ARLA qualified account managers here, and get to know your Upad team!

Can Upad manage my property?

As a group, we like to think we now have every potential landlord base covered. Here at Upad, the expert teams know everything there is to know about finding you the perfect tenant, and can make managing your marketing a walk in the park.

However, over at Howsy, the experts are specialists in management, so they have that side of things wrapped up. With packages starting from just £35 a month, there are options available for every landlord and property, and with thousands of landlords trusting them to look after their assets, we’re confident that they can assist!

As a team, we are all about providing a bespoke service, and understand that it’s not always easy to make a decision on your long-term property plans at the start of your journey. Upad and Howsy teams work hand in hand, so even if you start off with a simple tenant find from Upad, and decide you want to make the step over to a Howsy management pack – that’s fine, we can work with you to manage the process.




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