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The Self Assessment tax return deadline is around the corner. Are you ready for it? Too many taxpayers like to wait, and wait, until they have no choice but to scramble for forms, receipts and records.

It’s tempting to pass it all to an accountant, who may scrap to pull things together in time. After all, they’re assumed to be the best option for skin-of-the-teeth Self Assessments that get the approval of HMRC.

Don’t be so sure... Here, instead, we have another solution for how to do a tax return yourself, especially if you’ve been turned away by a busy accountant…

Why accountants fall short 

Let’s imagine you have a few days to file a Self Assessment tax return. After finding an accountant, they agree to perform the task on your behalf. With just a few days’ notice, they’ll begin to look back over the relevant year, seeing where dates, payments and records all line up. They’re likely to ask for a meeting or request further information.

That can be (potentially) a lot of work. They may be contacting you, at several points until deadline day. Indeed, they may just say “No” and refuse to take the workload on, as it is one of the busiest times of the year for accountants too. Many people panic, thinking this excludes them from getting any help as they contemplate how to file their tax return.

But even if you do manage to find an accountant, there’s no guarantee of their value. Not all accountants are created equal. Bargain services and last-minute services can seem attractive, yet may provide little in the way of guidance to help you cross-check and minimise your tax liability.

A typical accountant will charge £250 or so for a tax return. That’s a disproportionate amount of cash to pay for something that may have just slipped your mind…

Tax software is your lighthouse

So what alternatives do you have? How can accountants be removed from the equation, without having a detrimental effect on your finances or relationship with the taxman?

The answer is easy, SimpleTax. It’s low-cost, starting from only £25.00 per return – that’s only 10% of what a dependable accountant would charge. Once registered, access via the internet, desktop or mobile app to start filling out your Self Assessment.

SimpleTax provides the forms you’ll need to file your tax return online, allowing you to submit your tax return directly to HMRC. And, when it comes to next year, your data can be automatically transferred onto your new return, saving you even more time on your finances.

There’s no reason to hit the panic button… SimpleTax can quickly and easily prep your submission, cutting out long, frantic hours under pressure. You’ll save big on accountancy hire and gain a resource you can trust. To learn more and join other Upad landlords who have found SimpleTax a boon click here. 

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By Lucie Geller
16 Jan 2018

Categories: Upad, Tax, Buy to Let, SimpleTax



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