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Meet Sini!

Sini is in charge of Operations here at Upad, keeping a close eye on everything that goes on across the board.


From the comings and goings on Rightmove and Zoopla, to legislation overhauls and updates to tenancy agreements, Sini understands every step of the lettings journey inside out, and is always on hand to offer advice and support to the Upad team.

Fully ARLA-qualified, Sini completed her qualifications in just five weeks – a Upad company record! She is well on her way to becoming a Fellow of ARLA too. Making sure your Upad team are professionally qualified is important to Sini, and she encourages the entire team to pursue their ARLA qualifications as soon as possible. Regular managerial and leadership courses help her keep on top of good leadership techniques, and give her the skills she needs to keep this very busy team on track!

Having been a Upad team member since 2014, Sini understands Upad inside out, is key to assisting with the ongoing development of the company. She is responsible for the analysis of all our process, making sure we never stop improving the quality, productivity and efficiency of the service we provide. There’s plenty of processes and procedures to explore, as well as lots of staff and customer feedback to consider, so Sini never has a quiet day in the office!

"My favourite part of the job is the satisfaction of knowing that the work I do is helping the great Upad team provide a brilliant level of customer service. Ensuring that processes for both clients and staff are working well is key to making sure a business runs smoothly, and I enjoy working with customers and the team to make sure this is always the case."

And when she’s not making sure the processes and procedures are working well at Upad, and studying for her FARLA qualifications? When she’s looking to relax, Sini loves nothing more than discovering new restaurants with family and friends, tasting a range of new dishes and maybe even a cocktail or two!

"Only at the weekend though!"


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By Polly Rivers
24 Jan 2020

Categories: Upad, Online Lettings Agent, UpadTeam



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