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September Blog Round-Up 

4th September: My Tenant Won’t Allow Access


Upad explains why tenants might deny access to a property, legal rights of a tenant and what a landlord can do if access is denied.

15th September: Lettings fee ban debated in Westminster


What happened at the lettings fee ban debate? Upad recaps the key outcomes from the Westminster debate.

 20th September: Should Landlord Let to Tenants with Pets?


Upad evaluates the pros and cons of letting a property to tenants with pets. Should landlords be more flexible? 

25th September: Building a Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationship


In this post, we look at ways you can ensure you build and maintain a professional and positive relationship with your tenant.

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By Lucie Geller
03 Oct 2017

Categories: Lettings, Upad, News, Buy to Let, Tenant Issues



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