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The number of people looking to rent has been increasing in recent years so much so private renters currently outnumber social ones – for the first time since the 1960s.

But a greater volume of renters brings with it more problem tenants, therefore an increased need for tenant referencing services, ensuring the landlord has background on the prospective tenant before a landlord gives the keys over to his or her property.

The question is - what sort of behaviour are you trying to weed out when seeking a reference? Here are some of the behaviours that can consume landlords’ time and money.
Tenants who…

…trash or don’t clean up before leaving
The perils of reckless tenants were highlighted last month when a couple left a £270,000, four- bedroom Lincolnshire house they had been renting covered in faeces from their fourteen dogs; rubbish up to a foot deep in some rooms and many of the fixtures and fittings broken.

…don’t pay their rent or ‘disappear’
Latest figures show that eight per cent of all rent across England and Wales is currently unpaid or in arrears.

…steal homes
This is when tenants ‘sell’ the property they rent to an unsuspecting buyer using bogus identities and solicitors. And it’s on the rise; there was a ten-fold increase between 2005 and 2010, according to the Land Registry.

…involved in drug dealing or drug manufacture
A quick flick through any local newspaper will reveal an increasing number of evictions and arrest for ‘cannabis factory’ operations, 7,856 of which were discovered last year, up 15% on the previous year.

And finally…
Tenants who break rental contract clauses – for example by smoking or keeping pets within a property; have poor credit histories (e.g. multiple County Court Judgements); and those with histories of anti-social behaviour.


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By Simon Knock
26 Jun 2013

Categories: Property Rentals



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