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We all know that kerb appeal is vital when buying a home, but what about when you’re letting a property to tenants? With the current housing market moving increasingly towards private renting, it couldn’t be more important for landlords to boost the kerb appeal of their property.

Anyone who rents out property knows that competition for homes has never been fiercer – and this means that first impressions most definitely count in the lettings sector.

So how can you ensure your rental property has the kerb appeal you need to attract reliable tenants?


Start with the front door

Arguably the easiest way to make a statement is with a bold, well-painted front door. This is the part of the house that potential tenants’ eyes will automatically be drawn to, so update it with a fresh lick of paint before viewings. Choose a colour that will stick in their minds, but isn’t too out there – red is a classic that works for all, while pastel shades work well for smaller, cosy properties. If you’re not changing the colour, it is still worth giving the front door a once over to make sure it’s smart and well presented.

Don’t forget the windows

While you’re on the job of refreshing the front door, don’t forget to address the windows too. If they’re wood, they may need a fresh coat of paint to cover any chips – you may even decide to match your window paint to the colour you chose for the front door (although this only works with more subdued tones). If they’re plastic, make sure that they’re clean and neat.

Spruce up the exterior

Some properties may only need a fresh lick of paint on the windows and front door to help it let quickly, but others will need a bit more attention. Homes that are looking tired and outdated can really put off prospective renters – they may feel that the property has problems or doesn’t have the modern utilities that they require. So it’s definitely worth making some big changes if you are struggling to get your investment occupied.

Keep the garden tidy

The property itself is undoubtedly the most important element of boosting kerb appeal, but remember that tenants will be looking at the whole picture. After addressing any issues with the house, move onto the garden and try to make it as attractive as possible, even if it’s very small. Keeping plants and bushes trimmed back will immediately tidy it up, while some fresh, simple flowers will add instant brightness to a dull spot. The garden doesn’t have to be outstanding, but making sure it’s neat and tidy will give viewers a great first impression.

Address the safety of occupants

Having a burglar alarm visible on the front of the property and some outdoor lights will certainly help your prospective tenants feel like the house would be a safe place to live, but something as simple as a fence with a gate will also go a long way. If the front garden or yard is currently open onto the pavement, consider putting up a wooden fence and installing a gate with a catch to show viewers that they can feel secure in your property. This basic measure proves to renters that you are a responsible landlord who will look out for their safety, insists specialist landlord insurance provider Just Landlords.

Fix any damage

If you already have a fence up and it’s taken a beating by the weather, or a few slabs on the path are cracked, you should make sure that they’re fixed before viewings. Carrying out some simple DIY jobs that you’ve been putting off could actually make a massive difference to how quickly your property is let, so address them as soon as possible. Again, this shows prospective tenants that you’re a responsible landlord who takes pride in their property. At the same time, it helps the house look as smart and sophisticated as possible – so don’t delay!

At a time when demand for rental housing is booming, it couldn’t be more important to take some simple steps to boost the kerb appeal of your property. Once you've followed these steps to get your property looking the best it can, showcase it when advertising online with professional photography.

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