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The relationship between tenants and landlords is ideally a harmonious one. Your tenants pay their rent promptly, stay in the property a long time and keep everything in perfect condition during their tenancy. Upad helps in making these perfect matches happen.

However, sometimes this isn’t how things actually transpire, and as a result things need to be fixed. And of course, there are the regular checks that a landlord is required to make that keep your property at its peak letting value and emphasise your being a responsible landlord.

What Can Landlords Do to Show Their Tenants they Care?

As Upad say - the tenant is the customer - and in this day and age, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. This gives you as a landlord two opportunities to show your tenants that you appreciate them paying off your mortgage or contributing to your income.

  1. The most basic is that you provide them a safe, warm, functioning home as confirmed by independent parties such as a qualified electrician or gas-safe engineer

  2. The second is that, if something does go wrong, you respond quickly and get it sorted in a professional way with as little inconvenience to your tenants (and yourself) as possible

Item 1) may just be your legal obligation but getting things organised quickly and by qualified professionals sends a reassuring signal to your tenants.

Item 2) gives you an opportunity to exceed expectations and increase the likelihood of your tenants extending their stay. After all, nothing hurts your yield like void periods and good tenants are hard to find. Whether this be having your plumber come outside of working hours so that the tenant can be home; or having the heating engineer pick up the key from somewhere so that you needn’t be there to let them in; or just feeling confident that the handyman will turn up on time (or even better, that you can track their arrival on your phone!) … all these things help in ensuring a better experience for both landlord and tenant.

The Risks of Hiring a Bad Tradesmen

As a landlord, sending a tradesman to fix a problem is a reflection of your customer service to your tenants. Often it will be the tradesperson that meets your tenants, carries out the work in their (your) home and will leave an imprint in the minds of your customers (the tenants).

If you send someone that is unprofessional; who doesn’t do a good job; who doesn’t show up when they were supposed to, unfortunately your tenants will associate you with this experience. It might be the difference between whether they stay (and pay an increased rent), or leave at the break clause.

The best tenants behave well in your home, and expect their landlords to offer a similar level of service to them. At Homyze, we treat your customers as if they are our customers - we want both you and them to get the service and professionalism you deserve.

What Are Landlord Requirements?

At Homyze, we understand that you are busy and may be managing many properties. Your appreciation for making the process of letting and managing properties as easy and efficient as possible is likely what drew you to Upad.

We feel the same.

To help you in staying up-to-date with your requirements, and to give you a sense of the market, we have put together The Landlord’s Guide to London. Although the yield figures are limited to London, generally the regulations are UK-wide and you can always find more information on this here on the Upad blog. The guide also gives you a sense of the costs of various pieces of work you might need to undertake… just in case you don’t get the perfect tenants.

But we’re sure with Upad, that won’t happen!

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By Guest Author
11 Oct 2017

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