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It is a landlord’s responsibility to let a property to tenants that is cleaned to a professional standard. If a tenant does not believe that the property is clean enough, they can make notes on the inventory at check-in, to highlight any shortfalls.

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Then, at the end of a tenancy, it is the tenant’s responsibility to return the property to the landlord in the same condition – that is, cleaned to a professional standard. Tenants must note, however, that if they do not clean the oven, for example, when they move out because it wasn’t cleaned when they moved in, they must have raised this at check-in to avoid being held accountable at the end of the tenancy.

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In essence, how the property was let to the tenant is how the tenant should return it to the landlord. 

But what does a professional standard mean? Many landlords and tenants disagree over this definition, which is why insurance provider Just Landlords has put together an ultimate end of tenancy cleaning checklist for all those in the lettings process:


Covering all the different areas that tenants must think about when cleaning their property at the end of a tenancy, this checklist ensures that no speck of dust is missed!

Tenants can use the checklist to go around their property before check-out to tick everything off, putting them in the best position to get their full deposit back when the landlord inspects the property.

The checklist is also useful for landlords who are inspecting their property when a tenant has moved out. They can tick off all the jobs that the tenant has completed when going around the property, enabling them to clearly see what the tenant has failed to do.

Not only does the checklist cover all the expected areas – dusting bedrooms, removing limescale from bathrooms and de-greasing kitchen tiles – it also includes the smaller details and outside areas that tenants may forget about.

By ticking off all these tasks, landlords can rest assured that their property will be re-lettable and tenants will be sure to get their deposits back.

Download this ultimate end of tenancy checklist now and clear up the mess surrounding cleaning responsibilities!


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