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As a landlord, you want your rental ad to be seen by as many prospective tenants as possible, which means advertising on major property websites like Rightmove and Zoopla. But how do you make sure your property stands out from the rest?

How do I make my property advert stay on top of the listings?

One of the first things is to make sure it stays close to the top of the listings, where it will get the most eyeballs. The older an ad is, the further it slips down the page, but here are some tips to keep it visible.

An ad goes back to the top of the listings on Rightmove if you reduce the price by at least 2%, so if the enquiries have dried up after a few days, you can boost your ad back to the top of the page simply by adjusting the price. Remember, with Upad you can amend your ad as often as you like once it’s live, although if you get it right from the outset, you’ll find tenants faster.

If you’re not sure how much rent to charge, look for similar properties on Rightmove and Zoopla within the same postcode, or ask the Upad team for advice.

Do I need professional property photos for my ad?

Great photos are key to making your property really stand out. Make sure they are nice and bright and really show the rooms in the best light. Draw back curtains, turn on lights if necessary and make sure you clean up and de-clutter before getting your camera out.

You can take good photos with a smartphone, but for really great photos that you can use over and over again, it might be worth paying for a professional photographer.

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Are floorplans a game changer on rightmove and zoopla?

Floorplans also help to create a professional-looking advert and they give potential tenants a much better idea of the layout of the property than a simple description.  According to Rightmove, property ads including professional floorplans generate 52% more enquiries.

Including a floorplan could also reduce the number of failed viewings, as tenants will have more information about the property and they’ll know if the size and layout suits them before they come to look.

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What is a Premium Listing?

To ensure your property is one of the most visible online, consider paying extra for a Premium Listing, available on both Rightmove and Zoopla. On Rightmove, your advert will be given a Premium sticker – which you can change to reflect your unique selling point, such as Pets Allowed -  and it will be shown on the listings page with three photos instead of just one. A Premium Listing on Rightmovecan boost tenant interest by up to 33%.  On Zoopla, Premium Listings are displayed with six photos, which really ups the ante!

As letting your property as fast as possible will reduce the risk of voids, paying for a Premium Listing could be money well spent. Premium Listings are definitely worth considering if your property is in an area where there are many others on the market at the same time as it will put you head and shoulders above the rest.

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Finally, don’t worry if you suspend your ad after accepting an offer and the deal falls through. If an ad is offline for at least three weeks, it goes straight back to the top of the listings.

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