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James Davis, CEO and Founder of Upad, is continuing to be a source of knowledge and insight in the buy-to-let world- with many of his comments appearing in the media. We have also recently been focussing on tenant surveys, which is important to help landlords understand their business better.

The Telegraph: The online paper covered 5 landlord disasters and how to avoid them. They included void periods in this list, quoting James Davis; “Set the rent at a realistic level and be prepared to negotiate if someone makes a reasonable offer”.

Landlord Today: They regularly cover our landlord survey data but most recently, our tenant research caught their attention. We found that 84% of tenants want to meet their landlord face-to-face before they move in, but only 46% do.

Landlord Today also picked up on another piece of tenant research we conducted into contents insurance. Our survey found that 61% of tenants don’t have contents insurance, with James Davis commenting;

“It’s madness that tenants are exposing themselves like this, regardless of whether they’re trying to save money or for some reason think their landlord’s own insurance will keep them covered in the event of loss or damage to their property”

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