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We’re pleased to announce that January 2017 was a record month for Upad. Our biggest seasonal months, in line with general market variations, have always been July and August. In January 2017, we delivered 2% more revenue than in our previous record month of August 2016. This great achievement followed on from the notoriously slow period in the lettings industry in December, and given that July and August have historically been the months of the year we expect the most revenue.

We generated 40% more revenue on the website in January 2017 compared to January 2016, due to successful marketing strategies. We generated 24% more revenue in our record-breaking month than the previous year.

 We’ve also seen a big rise in repeat customers, landlords who have used us previously and return because of the low costs, easy to use website and helpful support team. We generated 35% more revenue in January 2017 compared to the previous year from repeat landlords. We also generated 9% more revenue YOY from new landlords.

We now have more landlord interest than ever with a 128% increase in landlords signing up for Upad content compared to January 2016. And new landlord registrations on our site seeing a 148% increase YOY. We’re thrilled that so many landlords, new and repeat, love using Upad- it’s a testament to our efforts to offer a cost effective and simple solution to the lettings market.

If you’d like to be part of Upad’s growing expansion, disrupting the outdated lettings market, please contact

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By Lucie Geller
17 Feb 2017

Categories: Lettings, Upad, News, Letting Agents



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