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Recent research published by Zoopla has revealed the things tenants most commonly search for when looking for a new rental property.

Upad has long been an advocate of landlords approaching their buy-to-let activities as providing a key service to tenants, and an important starting point to this is undoubtedly taking the time to understand exactly what it is tenants want.

We have previously joined forces with Rightmove to discuss what tenants are looking for in their next rental. You can see the discussion between Upad founder and portfolio landlord James Davis and Rightmove's Sam Mitchell in the video below.

In addition to this, our own research back in 2017 highlighted both what tenants wanted from their landlords and rental properties, as well as what tenants would be willing to pay more for, which you can see below.


How Does Zoopla's New Research Compare?

Although Zoopla's research is based simply on the volume of searches on its website, it is possible to draw parallels with our findings from 2017.

Zoopla's five most popular search terms for property features were, in order, parking, garage, pets, furnished, and garden.

As you can see above, with the exception of garage - which in our survey we included within parking - those terms mirror the most popular things that we found tenants would pay more for.

It's interesting to note that tenants are largely looking for the same things and have the same "wish list" for their rental properties as two years ago. While landlords are continually having to adapt to changing legislation, they are at least able to focus on offering tenants the same things on a consistent basis. If tenants' "wish list" and "must haves" started to change that would undoubtedly present yet another challenge to landlords, both in terms of advertising their rental and being competitive in the marketplace.

Zoopla's Regional Findings

Zoopla also highlighted its findings on a regional level.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the much higher rental prices, many property searches were conducted in London for rentals with bills included. Other popular London searches included "balcony" and "gym", indicating a large proportion of potential London renters looking for flats with their own on-site facilities.

In contrast, those searching for a rental property in Scotland had a different set of priorities, with "dishwasher" appearing in the top 10 most popular searches!

Zoopla's findings and analysis can be found here.

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By Sandra Mpouma
29 Mar 2019

Categories: Finding Tenants, Property Advertising



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