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Tenant referencing is a vital tool. It gives landlords piece of mind that their tenants can afford the rent and don't have a dubious rental history.

Comprehensive tenant referencing should include:

  • Credit check — looks at tenants' credit histories.
  • Affordability check — compares tenants' salaries with the rent, and judges whether the finances stack up.
  • Previous landlord written reference — ascertains whether tenants have a good rental history.
  • Employer written reference — asks their employer to verify that they are a member of staff, and that their disclosed salary is correct.

If tenants might struggle to afford the rent, then they should be asked to provide a guarantor: someone who will pay the rent if the tenants can't. The guarantor will also be referenced as proof they can afford the rent if required.

A referencing report gives landlords the information they need for technically knowing their tenants are good for their property, but landlords should use their instinct too. This is why meeting tenants personally is such a crucial part of the lettings process.

Upad tenant referencing includes all the checks mentioned above. Tenants contribute £75 (inc. vat) towards referencing and administration. This discourages those that can't afford the property from applying, and guarantees that the applications of those enquiring are genuine.

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By Simon Knock
20 Jul 2012

Categories: Tenant Referencing, Tenant Issues



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